Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jodi Sedlock and more progress reporting

After hearing Jodi Sedlock talk this past week about how she went from being an art student to a biology professor I got to thinking a lot about contingency. It seemed that a lot of the reasons that she got to the place that she is today (being a professor and studying bats in the Philippines) was a big part pure chance. By "chance" I don't just mean coincidence, but also that there were people around her who gave her the chance to do something that she might not otherwise have had an opportunity to do.

Speaking of contingency... here's a link for a book that is all about contingency, and its role in history, specifically World War I. The first time I really thought about the role contingency plays in life was in a Soviet history class last year where my professor stressed how important it was, and that nothing is really inevitable.

This all got me thinking more about my film project that I'm working on now. I'm about to start the stage of making my own film based off the interviews that I have been conducting, and I want to make sure that the process itself as well as the product don't come off as being forced. When I work on editing, I think that sometimes mistakes end up leading down the most interesting paths. That said, I want to make sure that I remain open minded while working on this film, and that I don't keep myself limited to one vision.


  1. I have often noticed that my projects always turn out to be a lot different from my initial plans regarding their final results. I think I rely on the idea that my projects will actually be a lot more different than how I plan them to be because the surprise result is usually a lot more refreshing to me. I think keeping an open mind when working on something you have been working for a while is quite necessary because a chance change in direction may up the project from awesome to super awesome. Also, please check out this strange video:

  2. and when i say strange i actually mean awesome.

  3. When you're subject matter is dreams you have to be open to accidents, chance and miracles.