Monday, March 8, 2010

The Radicant, part the Third.

Thus, we move along representations of the world; we practice translation and organize the discussions that will give rise to a new common intelligibility. This is all the more important today-- amid the constant unrest caused by economic globalization-- since reification has never wielded its power so complete nor with such diversity. Faced with the challenge it poses to culture and art, we must therefore set things in motion again --start a counter-movement-- by beginning a new exodus. (Bourriaud, 182)

Crap Art
Lowbrow (includes what James Danky was talking about)
"Youtube is a great way to show your art" ...???


  1. This is a comment to your first video. I believe and fear that as artist use the media like Youtube as a forum to express and share their works with the artistic community it takes away the aura and appreciation of the form that I would have had if I had a first hand interaction with the work.

    Their are millions of videos on youtube which I have never seen and their surely many talented young artist who are attempting to use it as a means of gathering an audience. How will they stand out and be recognized?

  2. There is something to be said for persistence. The Internet makes it easy to get started but perhaps not to keep going.